Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS) of the San Juan Islands is an empowerment based advocacy agency.  Our mission is to serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault through education, raising community awareness
and promoting social and cultural change.  We can help even if all you want is more information about these kinds of situations.  We also answer questions and provide support to people who are friends, family, or co-workers of someone experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault.

We provide free and confidential support, to help you through the tough times.

Our trained advocates can answer questions about your experience, discuss what abuse looks like, and also help you take action if you want to. It's always up to you.

We are a confidential agency.  We do not report to law enforcement in any way and do not care about your status as a resident.

It's okay to call or visit even if you don't think your situation is a crisis right now and you just have questions. You can just talk. You are not alone. We are here for you. 

24 Hour Crisis Lines:  San Juan 360-378-2345          Orcas  376-1234           Lopez  360-468-4567

Because Every One​ Deserves to live Free of Abuse

Verbal Abuse